Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few FAQs that may help you


Do you replace Taps ?

 Yes we do !


what about bathroom renovations ?

 We have 10+ years of experience in Bathroom design and instalations.


How about clearing blockage ?

 Our customers call us for clearing blockages too.


Which area do you serve ?

 We serve entire sydney on emergency basis.


Where does the water from the sink and shower go?

 The water from your sink or shower goes into the sewage system along with the waste from your toilet. It is then filtered and treated for pollution.


What do I need to consider when installing a hot water system?

 Some factors to consider when deciding on a hot water system are: Running costs, Size, Electric, Gas or Solar, Initial cost, Energy efficiency.


What are some of the advantages to installing a gas hot water system?

 Gas hot water systems are environmentally friendly. Natural gas burns much less CO2 to heat the water than electricity. Electric systems can burn as much CO2 as an average sized car.


How does the plumber know what is blocking the drain?

 Our plumber will use various tools to analyse the issue, including CCTV cameras, water jets and plumbing drain rods.

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